Bitcoin Academy Review

Bitcoin Academy Review

With lots of courses, packages, and live trading events, My Bitcoin Academy (MBA) swears to turn everyone they can into effective crypto traders with perfect control of their financial freedom and security. How does this happen? Let’s find out!

Pros & cons


  • Worldwide presence
  • Individually tailored packages
  • Live courses and retreats
  • Tons of positive reviews


  • Email as the only customer support channel

Company overview

Year Founded


Official Website /

Cryptocurrencies available


Customer support

My Bitcoin Academy refers to itself as the authority as far as crypto education is concerned. With a community of hundreds of traders all educated by MBA, it’s safe to say that their claim isn't really a reach. Although the company started in Australia, they now have a worldwide presence thanks to the 5,000+ crypto traders all over the world they trained. Things have developed so much, MBA now has two websites. The first, is strictly for existing members, and a link to the new website,, for non-members is the first thing that pops up on the first website.MBA’s worldwide presence didn't do much to take the Academy away from home, as it's still based in Townsville, Australia where they started. Rather than entirely move, they organize retreats where their students, with all their different backgrounds, can come together to learn crypto trading. MBA doesn't care much for whether you’re usually a full-time parent, or have a side job, or would rather be a full-time trader. The education is for everyone and there are unique packages specially tailored to suit your time and needs.

Currencies and payment methods

My Bitcoin Academy mostly focuses on Bitcoin, as the name implies. This isn't much of a problem since anyone who can trade in Bitcoin can trade in other cryptocurrencies.

Payment for their courses/packages is charged in USD which may or may not be converted to the currency of the student’s country of residence. The valid payment method for those who wish to purchase any course or other kinds of packages on the MBA is the credit card or Stripe.


My Bitcoin Academy charges different amounts for different courses or packages. The 1 on 1 training is stated to cost $2,500 on the website meant for existing members. This 1 on 1 class could be taught by Michael or Jason themselves, or any of the other educators they have. The cost of the monthly subscription depends on what package you go for. The Gold Package costs $149 per month while the Platinum Package costs $199 per month. The Gold package gives you access to just enough courses, products, and events, but with the platinum package, you get all the content MBA has to offer.

Signup is free, and as a new member there’s a free trial offer for a little amount of time for you.


My Bitcoin Academy is technically safe for all since it requires very little information. The only time you give sensitive information is when you're paying for a particular product and have to put down billing information like your credit card details.

It’s possible to be worried about personal safety since MBA organizes in-person retreats. However, lots of people have gone on these retreats and have nothing but great reviews about them.

Joining My Bitcoin Academy

Signing up for My Bitcoin Academy is free and straightforward. You sign up with your first and last name, email address, phone number, and a password. Moreover, there’s an option to register via Facebook. With an account, you can then purchase whatever classes or packages you want. You can even sign up for events you wish to attend.

MBA’s main trading course was put together by a team of professional crypto traders and the course is based on the experience they gained over many years of profitable trading. The academy is run mainly by two men, Michael Slogett and Jason Grigg who have a lot of experience in the crypto industry. MBA was born based on their experience but out of their love and dedication to crypto trading, and now, lots of people all over the world are saying thank you. The Academy works with Binance which is currently one of the best crypto exchange platforms.


My Bitcoin Academy has a lot of wonderful reviews, all of which are believed to be genuine and not paid off. Given this, the MBA is definitely your number one choice if you're looking for proper education on cryptocurrency from what Bitcoin is and how it works to how to make a profit from it. If you’ve learned and are looking for hands-on experience, Binance is a great option; especially since the MBA has a direct link to Binance on their website. You could also try Coinbase or even Bitcoin Era. Yes, Bitcoin Era’s trading is automated, but it's better you at least have an idea of what’s going on.


My Bitcoin Academy is portrayed as a heaven for those with enough money wishing to make more money the crypto way. The idea that it’s so perfect raises the tiniest bit of suspicion as these reviews could be paid. However, watching the founders, Michael and Jason, living their best life off of the money they made even before the MBA was founded, you can tell a lot about how profitable crypto trading really is. So, the idea is if you see yourself living that kind of life or you just genuinely have an affinity for Bitcoin and all that’s related to it, My Bitcoin Academy is the place for you. So start a class at my Bitcoin Academy now!

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