Almost 7,4 Thousand Android-devices Became Victims Of Botnet-miner

Almost 7,4 Thousand Android-devices Became Victims Of Botnet-miner

Researchers from the Qihoo 360 organization discovered a new botnet ADB.miner, that attacks devices based on the Android operating system for invisible mining of the cryptocurrency Monero. The number of infected machines has already reached almost 7.4 thousand, reports Bleeping Computer .

The first botnet attacks occurred on Saturday, February 3. According to experts, ADB.miner uses the components of the botnet code Mirai, which attacked large sites in 2016. Botnet looks for open debug ports, in particular, port 5555, which provides access to key functions of the Android system. Penetrating into the device, the malicious program forces it to extract the Montero cryptocurrency.

It is worth noting that 40% of the victims of ADB.miner are in China and 30% in South Korea.

The number of botnets scanned by the botnet doubles every 12 hours. We will see how big this botnet is.

- said Qimoo 360 Research Institute Research Network Research Director Iming Gong.

Researchers emphasize the danger threatens all devices on the Android OS - from smartphones to smart technology.

At the time of writing, the attackers extracted Monero for just over $ 0.04.

Recall that in May 2017, researchers at GuardiCore found a BondNet botnet out of 15,000 servers that are used for mining the Montero cryptocurrency and bring the operator up to $ 1,000 per day. Specialists suggested that the botnet operator was in China. In January, experts said a significant increase in the cyber attacks of WannaMine, also hidden by the miners Monero.

Information Source: Bleeping Computer