Investors Of Apple, Amazon and Google Decided To Support ICO Telegram

Investors Of Apple, Amazon and Google Decided To Support ICO Telegram

Famous Silicon Valley investment funds are planning to invest a lot of money in the ICO of the famous Russian telegram Telegram.

This is published by the  Financial Times  concerning anonymous sources familiar with the situation. Each investment of $ 20 million is planned by each of the three large venture companies: Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, Benchmark and Sequoia Capital. Earlier these companies were engaged in financing such successful projects as Google, Apple, and Amazon.

At the disposal of the Financial Times were the documents that Telegram distributed to potential investors. According to their data, the project plans to build an entire virtual economy, whose "users can become a kind of critical mass that will push society to large-scale recognition and acceptance of crypto-currency."

At the same time, Telegram is not going to use the existing platform of the Ethereum type but plans to create an entirely new blockchain system for its cryptocurrency. It will unite many cryptographically protected distributed registries and will support a wide variety of services - from file storage to secure identification services. According to the roadmap, TON can be fully prepared by mid-2019.

The goal of the first round of ICO Telegram, open only to large investors, is to raise $ 600 million by the end of February. The round for all comers will follow in March - with the same target amount.

According to documents placed at the disposal of the FT, Telegram's budget for 2017 was $ 70 million. At present, the project exists on the personal funds of Pavel Durov, who at the time of his departure from Russia in 2014 had a fortune of $ 300 million. The number of users of the messenger is 170 million people.

Information Source: Financial Times