Morgan Stanley Report Implies Bitcoin’s New Institutional Asset Class

Morgan Stanley Report Implies Bitcoin’s New Institutional Asset Class

A novel report from Morgan Stanley, the American multinational investment bank, states that bitcoin attracts more and more institutional investors. At the same time, retail investors do not appear to get more involved in bitcoin and its ilks. 

Bitcoin is «Digital Cash», According to Morgan Stanley

Morgan Stanley’s research department observed bitcoin for the past half a year and came up with the most noticeable trends in the niche. In the report, dated October 31, Morgan Stanley refers to bitcoin as «digital cash».

It singled out that that institutional investors were fully confident in bitcoin. The bank’s researchers highlighted the «rapidly morphing thesis» of bitcoin. It solves problems in the financial ecosystem as well as it is a novel payment system and a modern institutional class. 

According to the document, many findings and problems regarding bitcoin network have led to the emergence of the thesis. Among them, there are: 

  • The registration of all transactions on the distributed ledger
  • A quantity of hard forks
  • A quantity of cyber-attacks
  • Emerging technologies which beat bitcoin by cheapness
  • The inconstancy of the market, etc.

For nearly a year, the report says, bitcoin has been a novel «institutional investment class». At presents, hedge funds, VC firms and private equity firms hold more than $7 billion of cyber-coin assets.  

Image Source: Flickr