Charlie Lee: Litecoin Cash - Scam

Charlie Lee: Litecoin Cash - Scam

The fork of Litecoin, which is expected on February 19, caused a wave of anger and accusations of fraud after a similar warning from Charlie Lee.

The creator of "digital silver" said: any fork of Litecoin is pure water is a deception so far neither he nor his team has anything to do with Litecoin Cash:

Neither the Litecoin team nor I am working on service forks. Any forks you hear about are fraud. Scammers are trying to make you think that these projects are related to Lightcoin. Do not give in to these provocations. Do not enter private keys or sit-phrases on the websites of these services. Be careful!

Such a statement could not pass by the community. Although the project without the words of Charlie Lee caused suspicion.

The team of Litecoin Cash put forward as an advantage that in the locker mall will be used the same as that of bitcoin, the algorithm for achieving consensus. Doubtful plus. There are no differences among the users of Litecoin, there is no need to improve anything, to reduce the commission - the official project, so it constantly works on this and quite successfully.

Charlie Lee explained that there is no need and sense in such fork, and scammers just try to fool people by using the name Litecoin. The same, he says, touch the forks of bitcoin.The developers of Litecoin have issued an official warning to Twitter, in the text of which users are cautioned against participating in the project:

At the end of 2017, Charlie Lee, amid accusations of the crypto community that he manipulated the course of cryptocurrency through messages in social networks, sold all his stocks of Litecoin and promised to concentrate completely on the development of his cryptocurrency.

Information Source: Charlie Lee