1 in 7 Chinese Piled in Cryptos, Only 2% Not Familiar With BTC

1 in 7 Chinese Piled in Cryptos, Only 2% Not Familiar With BTC

Chinese are not only aware what cryptos are but they also gladly pile funds into them. The survey results are showing that 1 in 7 Chinese citizens have invested in bitcoin and/or its pals, while 98% of respondents, in general, believe they know what cyber assets are. The results are nearly the same when it comes to familiarity with DLT — 95% have heard of the blockchain.

14% of Chinese Have Invested in Bitcoin And Its Brethren

news.Bitcoin.com has recently published the results of the survey, carried out by Panews among 4,200 Chinese respondents which shows their relationship with cryptos. In particular, the survey indicates the familiarity of people with cryptos and unaltered ledger as well as their investment perspectives. 

How Many Know About Cryptos & How Many Have Piled?

So, only 75 of survey participants answered they did not know what crypto or DLT, which equals approximately 2% of all respondents. Among those, who are familiar with both, happened to be 4,125 survey participants. 372 Chinese citizens (9% of all respondents) confirmed they have the strong knowledge of these phenomena. 

Solely of cryptos (excluding blockchain) have not heard only 17 people. 103 stated they did not know about bitcoin. 

Whereas 14% of the survey’s sample (598 people) have already piled into cryptos, 40% will invest in the future. 83% of participants characterized cyber-coins investment as a novel «trend.»


How Do Chinese See Cryptos?

It turned out that predominantly respondents saw regarded cryptocurrencies rather as an investment than means of exchange or payment. At the same time, 60% of the survey’s sample believe target adoption of cryptos is halted by the intricacy of exchanging and storing BTC and its ilks.

How Do Chinese get Exposed to Virtual Assets?

The survey results show that Chinese citizens learn about cryptos mostly via social media (38%), while the other part gets exposed with the help of friends and close ones (26%).

How Do People Get Cryptos?

Among those, who have already invested in bitcoin and its pals (as we have said, 14% of the sample), about 70% bought coins on exchanges. Meanwhile, 266 Chinese citizens from the sample own their digital coins through airdrops. 263 participants owned coins thanks to mining.