Coinfloor Launches Bitcoin Futures in The UK

Coinfloor Launches Bitcoin Futures in The UK

Bitcoin-based futures are to be seen in the UK. The London-headquartered BTC trading bourse, founded five years ago, has notified about its intentions to thrust a bitcoin futures trading venue.

How Is It Going To Work?

The novel trading venue is expected to be accessed from all Coinfloor group cyber money bourses.

The company promises that various players in the crypto ecosystem will be able to get BTC futures, among them, are:

  • hedge funds
  • traders
  • miners

According to the company’s announcement, all of them will get an opportunity to get such futures via unique cyber money contracts as well as optional controls. Coinfloor, moreover, offers grade risk management.

Why Is Coinfloor Taking On Such A Challenge?

The company’s CEO, Obi Nwosu, explained that Coinfloor is eager to connect the realm of public currency and virtual money, and that is to be done with the launch of BTC futures. This way, digital coins will become less volatile, according to his words.

“Numerous market participants are calling on existing cryptocurrency exchanges that provide futures contracts to switch from cash to physical settlement,” said Nwosu.

The exec also emphasized that making that would be tough, so Coinfloor decided to find its own way to solve the problem and came up with an idea of BTC futures available on a special exchange. It took the company two years to work on it, Nwosu said.

By the way, the contracts, which the company offers, are set to safeguard investors as well as traders from drastic price changes at the time of arrangement. Furthermore, these documents are expected to protect players from speculation on the market.

As per company’s statement, the settlement is dependent material distribution instead of an index price from all over trading venues that offer superior limit pricing limpidity.