Customers Withdrew $373 Million From The Coincheck Exchange In One Day

Customers Withdrew $373 Million From The Coincheck Exchange In One Day

The Japanese cryptocurrency exchange Coincheck , as announced last week, resumed the possibility of issuing fiat funds. For the first day, investors withdrew from their accounts a significant amount - 40.1 billion yen ($373 million).

At the end of January, as a result of the hacker attack, 523 million NEM tokens were stolen from Coincheck, which at that time cost about $500 million. The company has already promised to compensate the 260,000 customers lost to them but has not yet explained when and how it will be done. In a statement on the resumption of the possibility of withdrawing the yen, the company stressed that this has nothing to do with compensation for losses.

The exchange hopes to resume full-fledged work, and as the company's operating director, Yusuke Otsuka, said at a press conference, they do not consider a voluntary exit from the business.

The next step - allowing the withdrawal of funds in the cryptocurrency - Coincheck plans to do "as soon as it can guarantee the safe resumption of operations for each function."

Coincheck, the operating director, said that this would happen only after the company refunds clients stolen from them tokens. The date of return, he said, will be announced shortly.

Meanwhile, it became known that a group of traders already intend to sue Coincheck just for the ban on withdrawal from the exchange of cryptocurrencies.

Recall that after breaking the exchange, the Financial Services Agency of Japan (FSA) conducted searches in its offices - Coincheck became the first company in respect of which the regulator took such measures.

Information Source: Coindesk