ICO with love: DateCoin Will Present DTC Tokens To Denim Users On Valentine's Day

ICO with love: DateCoin Will Present DTC Tokens To Denim Users On Valentine's Day

On Valentine's Day, more than 700,000 users will receive tokens of the DateCoin project free of charge. Owners of DTC tokens will be users of the existing Denim day-service from 2015.

Denim is the MVC of the DateCoin project and will become the base for the creation of its ecosystem in the future after the ICO scheduled for March of this year.

Unprecedented action, according to its organizers, is aimed at popularization of the blockchain among the broad masses of people and will enable them to get acquainted with the processes of tokenization and the technologies of distributed registers on personal experience.

Valentine's Day is a time when the theme of relationships and love occupies a special place all over the world. International intellectual dating-service DateCoin aims, first of all, to ensure that users are happy in their personal lives and could choose from those people who reflect their ideas about the ideal couple as much as possible. Passing one DTC token is a kind of symbolic action that implies that every Denim project user, and then DateCoin services, will meet a woman or a man of her dreams.

- says Nikita Anufriev, CEO of DateCoin.

What is a DTC token?

DTC (the DateCoin project token) is a high-liquidity ERC-20 utility-token with a built-in cost growth mechanics engineered by an already proven business model. It supports millions of users around the world.

The token can be sold on the exchange or used in the products DateCoin, receiving a discount for service or access to additional functionality, which will be carried out only for DTC. This approach, according to the representatives of the project, will ensure the liquidity of the token and stimulates demand for it after the ICO.

Pre-sale of the project's tokens successfully ended in December of last year, and on its results, the project collected more than 2000 ETH (about $ 1.8 million at the current rate).

Information Source: DateCoin