First Swiss Crypto Asset Management License Issued For Crypto Fund

First Swiss Crypto Asset Management License Issued For Crypto Fund

For the first time in Switzerland Crypto Fund has been authorized to serve institutional patrons in the niche of cyber assets. The document which permits the company to do so is called crypto-asset management license and has been given by the country’s financial watchdog. 

More Opportunities With a New License

Crypto Fund is a cyber-asset financial services provider based in the Swiss city of Zug. Earlier in 2018, it had already received limited permission to allot offshore-headquartered cyber asset funds. It was the country’s Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) which gave it such a right. 

But now the firm’s capacity has been enhanced. On October 9, it was announced that the fund can issue much more collective instrument products which trace BTC and its brethren. Among them, most importantly, are Swiss-headquartered funds.

According to, Crypto Fund has also been authorized to consult institutional customers on investment. Overall, this company can now function on par with conventional asset managers in the state. 

This Fund is one of the branches of Crypto Finance. The latter was launched in last year summer. Its top executive emphasized the importance of regulatory acknowledgement as well as the importance of digital assets like these. 

Crypto Fund was among many counterparts who were also hoping to get a license, and they still are. Seba Crypto is a company which just recently joint the list of companies awaiting the permission from FINMA. If it gets one, Seba Crypto will supply the full range of banking services for cyber-money operators. 

The news that Crypto Fund got a long-sought license once again proved that Switzerland is a cyber-asset-friendly state. In general, this country indeed is one of the most open towards crypto-innovations.  It does strive to take its niche in the crypto-realm. For instance, this summer one of the Swiss banks started opening business accounts for unaltered ledger and virtual-money-related businesses. Moreover, the country is embracing crypto-companies and ICOs. 

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