Game Machine Project Ends Its ICO

Game Machine Project Ends Its ICO

The gaming industry is reportedly worth in excess of $115 billion worldwide. There are over 2.3 billion gamers across the planet and over 55,000 new titles were released in 2017. This is set to expand as smartphone technology evolves with ever more powerful hardware and graphics capabilities.

It remains only two days before the end of the Game Machine token sale. Collected more than $ 2,500,000. The blockchain platform for crowdfunding and ICO game projects brings gamers, developers and investors together into a single system.

Game Machine is a decentralized network with mining and the main GMIT token, represented by advanced blockchain technology and smart contracts for secure investments in gaming projects assembled on a single platform.

Already now the Game Machine client uses more than 70 000 gamers (the beta version was launched at the end of November), so the creation of an intelligent system for switching pools and switching to a new server began.

The Game Machine application provides access to such favorite games like CS: GO, Dota 2, WORLD OF TANKS and others. The team is constantly working to expand the audience and improve the quality of the product itself.

Game Machine will provide ample opportunities for each type of participants in the global game arena:

  • Investors: sell their tokens to players and developers at a more attractive price, and comprehensive data and high-quality forecasts will help select the most promising projects for investment.
  • Players: canyon to the Cryptocurrency, buying developer tokens and in-game stuff, and also get tokens for completing tasks.
  • Developers: create tokens based on GMC, bind tokens to in-game items and conduct ICO;
  • ICO Game Machine has not only a working product but is also actively searching for new partners. This was written by app2top - the largest resource dedicated to the business side of the game industry.

Information Source: Game Machine