ICO-Projects Attracted a Record Amount of Investments in December - $1 billion

ICO-Projects Attracted a Record Amount of Investments in December -  $1 billion
ICO-projects attracted a record amount of investments in December - $1 billion

While Bitcoin and lots of alt tokens were heading news headlines in December, ICO quietly lured money. From the media's point of view, in the summer of 2017, when the ICO craze reached its peak. But from a financial point of view, December will go down in history as the most profitable month, with more than $ 1 billion attracted from the Initial Offers of Coins.

In December 2017, startups attracted a record $1.58 billion through the ICO. In 2017, funding with the help of ICO approached $6 billion. According to ICOdata, December was the most successful month of 2017 and the entire history of Initial Coin Offering regarding attracted funding. Also, December was the first month when the volume of investments made with the help of ICO exceeded $ 1 billion. In November, ICO-projects attracted $ 939 million, in October - $887 million, in September - $798 million. The total investment through the ICO for 2017 is estimated at $ 5.93 billion. The number of ICO projects has exceeded 883.

Among the leaders of the ICO industry are projects with Russian roots. According to the consulting company EY, in 2017 ICO conducted more than 310 projects based in Russia. On this indicator, Russia looses out only to the United States, where there are more than a thousand such projects, and ahead of Singapore with 260 ICO projects. The largest Russian ICO projects in 2017 were the Waves blockchain platform ($16 million), the SONM ($ 42 million) foggy computing platform, the mobile go-cart game platform Mobile Go ($53 million) and the Blackmoon investment service ($30 million).

According to Token data, this meant that in 2017 a total of 5.6 billion dollars was raised from ICO by 442 completed projects with a median amount of $ 4.5 million. January looks like another favorable month for the sale of tokens, thanks to large proposals from projects such as WYS Token and Cryptohawk. The Swiss company aims to simplify the exchange of cryptocurrencies for offline purchases and provide a payment solution for store operators.

The Cryptohawk project includes plans for cryptographic ATMS and credit cards, two financial services that attract much attention from the ICO. Credit services also have excellent prospects in 2018. From the investment point of view, ICO, apparently, is still profitable, but the days when you can earn millions have already passed.

Information Source: Token Data