John McAfee Claims He Gets $105,000 For Each Twitter Crypto Ad

John McAfee Claims He Gets $105,000 For Each Twitter Crypto Ad

John McAfee, a known software mogul and the cyber-money eager supporter, perhaps, has been shaping public confidence in cryptos for huge sums. Recently the tycoon unveiled how much he charges customers for advertising digital coins or ICOs.

To cut a long story short, each tweet, promoting virtual asset, in John McAfee’s microblog costs not less than $105,000.

Words Worth a Fortune

A week ago, in his Twitter, McAfee wrote that his crew published an explanation of how his promo tweets worked. McAfee deals with McAfee Crypto Team entity that touts ICOs.

The mogul, particularly, wrote that he and his company has a huge ego. Therefore, if some people are eager to advertise their ICO or other crypto-related projects, they have to consider that.

He emphasized that he has over 810,000 followers on this Twitter. Hence, the sum of $105,000 per tweet is not that much, as the promoters have to pay only $0.13 per one potential “investor” (out of 810,000 followers) .

The site of his company, by the way, claims that McAfee is “the most influential” person in the niche of cyber assets.

Do McAfee’s Tweets Work?

But is that true – that McAfee is so powerful in the crypto-field – or not? According to the Twitter survey, which the mogul carried out on his own, 259,000 of McAfee’s microblog followers keep over 50% of their overall assets in cyber-coins. This data has been presented by McAfee’s crew on cryptos.

At the same time, 224,000 of McAfee’s followers currently designate at least $4,45 billion in crypto pilings, according to the same source. The website also claims that the percentages are “statistically” reliable.

Whether to believe this data or not, it’s up to everyone. However, the media outlet Motherboard traced all McAfee’s at the beginning of 2018 and found out that he indeed can influence the crypto-ecosystem. The thing is that there was found correspondence between his tweets concerning cyber money and surges in its price. For instance, the Burst coin managed to skyrocket by 350% amid McAfee’s claims.

It is noteworthy that Motherboard suggested the tycoon was participating in “pump and dump schemes” to raise up the price of currencies he had already piled into.

On the contrary, representatives of some ICOs claimed that they just are not capable of paying the mogul for promoting their projects, so the tweet of McAfee even surprised them.