Millennial Women Beat Men In Crypto Domain, Research Says

Millennial Women Beat Men In Crypto Domain, Research Says

It seems that millennial women tend to be more curious about cyber assets than anybody else. A new study, conducted by London Block Exchange, has shown that within half of a year the number of females who are looking at piling into cyber assets has doubled.

Women Riding On The Crypto-Bandwagon

As per the recent research carried out by London Block Exchange, one in eight generation-Y-women is considering investing in virtual coins. This is almost 13% of all females, and the results look fascinating when compared to 6% of women at the end of 2017. As it can be seen, the number of crypto-oriented women has grown two-fold in just six months.

The research has also found that cryptos have become a bandwagon predominantly among representatives of generation Y. In general, one in five millennials wants to pile into cryptos. It is also noteworthy that although young men are beginning to get as interested in cryptos as young women, the last one keeps dominating.

Not The Man’s Domain

Agnes de Royere, the superior business expert at the company which has carried out the research, says there is still a misbelief that the domain of cryptos is the one for males. However, the research, as well as that multiple women have signed up for London Block Exchange within the past time, have proved its wrong.

“Some of the most inspiring and knowledgeable investors, leading the way in the industry are female,” added de Royere.

Also, according to the research, it is more common amongst women to use strategies in investing than men as long as they are 50% less likely to suffer from FOMO. Moreover, women are more cooperative, so it is more common for them to seek advice from their closed ones before making a decision, not likewise men.