Steven Seagal & Founders of Bitcoiin Abandoned the Project After ICO

Steven Seagal & Founders of Bitcoiin Abandoned the Project After ICO

The news concerning leery Bitcoiin, known as Bitcoiin2Gen, does not stop wondering the crypto-ecosystem. Not long ago the dubious coin, endorsed by the American film-star Steven Seagal, faced the restraining order from the US officials.

Nearly a month passed since that time when both Seagal and founders of Bitcoiin decided to abandon the overburdening currency right after its ICO came to an end. This is a common practice among constitutors of suspicious projects, so now the already questionable Bitcoiin gets more backlashes from the media.

Hit It And Quit It

At the beginning of this week, on the official website of Bitcoiin (B2G), there appeared an announcement, in which the project members thanked Seagal for backing up the coin on a position of its brand ambassador within the frames of the ICO. By the way, earlier on February 20, Seagal confirmed his role in the Bitcoiin by a related tweet.

But it is not only Seagal who exited the project. Once ICO ended, the founders of B2G also quit it after the funds were collected.

Seagal himself has not affirmed the news in his blog on Twitter, where he previously announced about his appointment on the position of the ambassador.

Controversial Issue

The operators of B2G emphasized in the public letter that from the moment when the ambassador and constitutors left the project, Bitcoiin can get a chance to turn into a cyber-coin which is not under control of any people.

At the same time, in the announcement, the project operators added that they are eager to meet a new CEO of Bitcoiin, which is quite weird when juxtaposed with the previous statement.

What About Money?

In the B2G statement, it was also mentioned that during the ICO the project experienced a superb “success,” however, the operators of the coin did not clarify how much exactly they managed to raise.