Tezos Plans To Release Tokens, Despite Lawsuits

Tezos Plans To Release Tokens, Despite Lawsuits

The blockchain project  Tezos which collected a record $232 million and experiencing a difficult period due to internal disagreements, is preparing to release tokens. This was stated by the co-founder of the project Kathleen Breitman at the Cyber Days conference on Sunday.

We plan to release a token in the coming weeks. We can release it on our own terms. We need to move forward. It's not fair, but we need to release the code/

If the project founders manage to implement their plans, the Tezzies tokens will be available within a few weeks.

Recall that the platform Tezos is positioned as an alternative to the Ethereum network protocol for secure smart contracts.

The history of the project is burdened with unfulfilled promises, internal quarrels, and lawsuits from deceived investors who have not yet received their tokens.

The internal conflict manifested itself in October 2017, when the founders of Tezos, the wife of Kathleen and Arthur Breitman, began to try to displace their partner Johann Gevers from the position of president of the Tezos Foundation, set up to manage the funds raised during the ICO. The reason for the discord was the issue of control over the project.

Since then, in the United States against the organizers of the project, at least six collective lawsuits have been filed on charges of violating federal legislation on securities and fraud.

According to Guido Schmitz-Krummacher, a former member of the Tezos Foundation's board of directors, the Breitman spouses caused a "catastrophe" with accusations against the president of the Swiss Foundation.

Information Source:  Tezos