The Official Launch Of The Multi-Currency Mobile Wallet Edge Wallet

The Official Launch Of The Multi-Currency Mobile Wallet Edge Wallet

Developers of the cryptocurrency mobile wallet Edge (formerly Airbitz Wallet) announced the official launch of the product. The Edge Wallet supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bcash, Augur, and Wings.

After over a year of intense development and over three months in a limited release beta, our highly anticipated multi-asset wallet is now available for all to use! Users all around the world have been clamoring for a private, secure, open-source, and easy to use multi-asset wallet they can depend on. We’re more than proud to deliver what our users and the market have been demanding for some time now.

- said the Edge team.

Also, it's said that Edge Wallet is the only multi-currency mobile wallet that allows users to manually add ERC-20 tokens that are not supported by the wallet by default.

Like its predecessor Airbitz Wallet, Edge wallet uses open source code and Edge Security security technology.

The wallet also supports Segregated Witness (SegWit), both for bitcoin and for Litecoin. It is also available in mobile versions of the wallet for iOS and Android.

In addition, Edge Wallet has built-in support for the ShapeShift service, which allows you to exchange one asset for others within the wallet itself instantly.

In the immediate plans of developers - the addition of a number of other features that could be found in Airbitz. This includes exporting transaction history, spending limits, and user-selectable nodes.

Also, Edge Wallet team declares its intention to add new assets and services, including exchanging fiat money and replenishing the phone.

Recall that in late October, the Swiss-based Zuge company Airbitz announced a rebranding of the same purse. At the same time, work began on processing the product. In particular, a modular architecture was adopted, which allows the wallet to interact with any blockchain or a token.

Information Source: Edge