Top 8 Venture Capital Firms Who Keep an Eye on Crypto Startups

Top 8 Venture Capital Firms Who Keep an Eye on Crypto Startups
In the last two years around 180 investors participated in at least one VC deal for a Bitcoin or its brethren startup. Here are the most popular among themTop 8 Venture Capital Firms Who Keep an Eye on Crypto Startups

Startups regarding Bitcoin and its brethren are actively using the funding from venture capital. According to PitchBook , “global VC interest in the sector is increasing: 2017 has, unsurprisingly, brought a record amount of venture capital—more than $1 billion—to startups in the sector.”

It turns out that in the past two years, around 180 investors took part in minimum one venture capital deal for a crypto startup. Noticeably, in this sphere, the most active investors, based in the US, are companies which have backed crypto startups within the last two years as well as a couple of classical venture capital investors.

So here are some eight bitcoin and blockchain startups investors, who deserve a bit of your attention.

  1. Digital Currency Group. Located in New York, this company undertook its forays into such startups as Abra and Axoni. DCG is also known for such subsidiaries as Coindesk and Genesis.
  2. Pantera. This company claims to be the first US Bitcoin investment firm. It exclusively focuses on blockchain technologies and its portfolio contains such names as payment networks as Bitcoin and Ripple.
  3. Hard Yaka. Founded seven years ago Hard Yaka has made over 65 investments. Among them are piling into Filecoin and Coinbase.
  4. Blockchain Capital. In the last three years, this company invested into at least 72 firms. Blockchain Capital has ties with BitPesa and SFox.
  5. Andreessen Horowitz. This firm is a long-term player in the crypto investment field. Having invested in Skype and Twitter, this firm refocused on bitcoin and blockchain. In 2015, it partnered with Union Square Ventures to invest $1 million in OpenBazaar.
  6. Union Square Ventures. USV is also a pioneer in crypto investments. Currently, it Is dealing with Polychain Capital and Blockstack.
  7. Draper Associates. DA functions since 1985. Known for ties with Tesla, DA has invested in bitcoin mining analytics Hashrabbit.
  8. Boost VC. “We've created an international community of entrepreneurs and developers, passionate about shaping the future of the blockchain, bitcoin and ethereum technologies,” claims Boost VC . It has invested in Wyre and Abra.