Citizens of Six Countries Would Rather Pile Into Cryptos Than Buy iPhoneX – Survey

Citizens of Six Countries Would Rather Pile Into Cryptos Than Buy iPhoneX – Survey

A survey by Harris Poll on behalf of Blockchain Capital in October 2017 showed that 30% of American millennials would prefer investing in cryptocurrency rather than in government bonds, as 22% of them also gave preference to virtual money, neglecting real estate.

But things are getting much amusing when we learn that representatives of six world countries would rather pile into bitcoin or its ilks than into Apple designed iPhoneX. A new survey, undertaken by Pundi X on par with Stellar and NEM between December 21, 2017, and January 2, 2018, has shown such results as well as the other ones, not less overwhelming.

Investments Potential: Cryptos, Bonds or Deposits

Around 3,000 of six countries’ representatives, including Russians, Indians, Americans, Indonesians, British, and Japanese, were asked about what they would do with $1,000 if they had it. 12% of the respondents, aged 18-59, answered they would purchase cryptocurrencies, whereas only 7% were ready to use the money for buying a fashionable iPhoneX.

Meanwhile, 11% would pile into bonds or stocks instead, 6% would give the money to charity, and 3% would have a fancy dinner. Interestingly, the majority of responses was optimistic concerning keeping money in banks. 33% of respondents would like to save funds there.

But Why Not Cryptos?

The answers vary because of several reasons. 20% of the poll participants just didn’t trust bitcoin and other cryptos enough as they considered them volatile. However, bitcoin’s price swings are not the only reason why not more than 12% of people wanted to invest in coins. For example, the other 18% just didn’t know how they would spend cryptos, while 17% even could not imagine what digital money is. There were some different remarkable answers like 5% claimed cryptos are illegal and 15% – that they are not real money.

Usage Of Cyber Coins

Well, 12% said they would buy cryptos. But what for? Interestingly, 35% of respondents expressed their desire to use bitcoin or any other digital coin either for investments or trading, and the other 35% said they would need it for conducting payments. Some of you may know that cryptos can also be stored as a value, that’s how 27% of respondents in the six states think as well. Gambling is another option, and only 10% would use bitcoin for that.

In fact, when it comes to buying cryptos, the majority would either purchase them on the local exchange or the foreign one. There also were 8% of people, who trust neither operators nor platforms, so they would rather buy coins from their relatives and friends.

Future & Present: What Citizens of 6 Countries Think of Bitcoin

Some experts suggested that blockchain would be as revolutionary, as one day the internet was. Some consider cryptocurrencies to be the money of the future. But what ordinary people think about this?

Asians Are More Bullish About Cryptos Adoption in the Next 10 Years

As the survey showed, 69% of all respondents believe that in the following 10 years the majority of the Earth population will be using cryptos. In general, poll participants from Asia ( India, Indonesia, Japan) have agreed to this statement the most. But the real crypto bulls are living in Indonesia – 74% of these countries’ respondents believe in bitcoin’s worldwide adoption. Meanwhile, the majority of critics live in the UK – only 44% of those respondents agreed to the statement.

Furthermore, 39% of people consider buying cryptos in the next six months.

Current State

You may wonder: ‘But who has already adopted cryptos?’ The answer is the following. 8% of all participants already possess crypto assets. On the contrary, 58% of them hold their money in banks. Notably, Russians are the ones who own cyber money the most (12%). Japanese are in the second place with 10% respondents having cryptos. The outsiders are satisfied Americans (7%), skeptical Brits (5%), and, surprisingly, Indonesians (6%), who believe in bitcoin’s bright future though.

Among the people, who purchased cryptos half a year or even longer time ago, are British (54%), Japanese and Russians (53% each), Indonesians (48%), Indians (44%) and Americans (26%).

As we can see, cryptocurrencies started being popular in the US only recently, perhaps, because people in this country don’t strive to earn fast and easy gains, when the government has the power to track all transactions and prevent money laundering. But the state is not surprising for the second (Russia) and third-world countries, like India and Indonesia.