4NEW - A Token Provided With Electricity

4NEW - A Token Provided With Electricity

Having announced in October of 2017 about the forthcoming launch of the "world's first cryptocurrency, which is the equivalent of electricity," the team of the British start-up 4NEW assumed hugely ambitious commitments. According to the developers of the blockchain platform, shortly, 4NEW will become one of the leading producers of electricity generated from the incineration of domestic waste.

The success of the project should ensure the release of 300 million tokens, the sale of which through the ICO will attract significant financial resources for the construction of three incineration plants in the UK: in Sheffield, Hertfordshire and Newcastle.

The concept of the 4NEW platform involves the implementation of several projects, related to each other:
  1. By disposing of household waste, each of the incineration plants generates electricity, which is then sold to the national grid of the UK.
  2. Part of the generated electricity provides the work of the mining farms, also belonging to 4NEW.
  3. The owners of 4NEW coins (the coin symbol is the abbreviation KWATT) can use them to make transactions to pay for goods and services inside the 4NEW ecosystem, as well as on other decentralized platforms.
  4. In February 2018, there is a listing of cryptocurrencies on the main public exchanges: Bittrex, Poloniex, Cryptopia and others.
  5. The 4NEW Token (KWATT) becomes a means of payment when concluding smart contracts between private companies (B2B), business and consumer (B2C), and between consumers (C2C).

Currently, the 4NEW project team decided to extend the ICO period until January 31, 2018. Estimating the cost of the token before entering the stock exchange is based on the calculation of 170 coins 4NEW = 1 ether. However, due to high demand, the conditional deposit of tokens is available only to those investors who are willing to invest more than $ 10,000.

According to the roadmap of the project, 4NEW Limited will be engaged in construction and operation of garbage disposal plants. The construction, installation, and commissioning of the equipment are planned to be completed by the end of 2018.

Information Source: 4NEW