The AI-startup Neuromation Attracted $50 million during ICO

The AI-startup Neuromation Attracted $50 million during ICO

Ukrainian ICO arena has a new record:

The startup Neuromation with the Ukrainian CEO and the office in Kiev attracted $ 50 million for ICO. Moreover, all the tokens that were issued were sold within 8 hours.

Neuromation is a technological platform that allows creating an artificial learning environment for the in-depth training of neural networks. Such models are used to train and improve algorithms.

In December, Neuromation launched presale of neuro-tokens (NTK) - in total the company produced 60 million NTK. As the company explained, neurotokens are related to tokens, through which client companies that require machine learning algorithms will pay for the synthetic date, the services of the miners providing computer power, and the development of deep training applications.

Crowdsdale has started on January 7, and it would last until February 15. However, most of the tokens (53 out of 60 million NTK) were sold already during the presale. The other 7 million NTK were sold in the first 8 hours of the public token. The company received financing of $50 million.

The first fully functional version of the platform will be launched in February. In the near future, the laboratory of industrial automation starts.

Our main efforts will be aimed at global distribution of the platform, attraction of large AI projects and mining pools to participation. We support the AI community and continue to give grants to start-ups in this area within the declared 10% of the collected funds. We have truly ambitious plans to democratize artificial intelligence.

- said Maxim Prasolov, the CEO of Neuromation.

Neuromation is the first customer of its own technology:

The Neuromation labs use the platform to provide the computing power of the processes of in-depth learning of algorithms using synthetic data. However, the company already has other partners.

Over the past 4 months, Neuromation has entered into a cybersecurity partnership with Hacken, signed a contract with ECR RUSSIA on the recognition and cataloging of FMCG products and an agreement with Axxonsoft, a leader in the development of intelligent integrated security and video surveillance systems.

Neuromation was founded in 2016 by Maxim Prasolov(CEO) and Konstantin Goltsev. There are 25 people in the startup team today. The company's head office is in Tallinn (Estonia), Neuromation also has offices in San Francisco and Kiev.

Information Source: Neuromation