ICO Benebit Team Disappeared With $2.7 million

ICO Benebit Team Disappeared With $2.7 million

The organizers of the ICO project Benebit disappeared with at least $2.7 million of investors' funds. According to other sources, the amount of money raised and stolen by them is $4 million.

It was assumed that Benebit would develop a platform to increase customer loyalty. The startup secured broad public support by collecting 9,000 subscribers to Telegram and receiving positive ratings on the ICO review sites.


And on January 22, Benebit ceased to exist: his site and most of the accounts in social networks were deleted. Remained except that the group in Telegram, in which investors continue to share their experiences.

In general, Benebit created a good impression: the activity in his Twitter was supported for more than a year, which allowed him to collect a significant number of followers.

The saved version of the site allows you to get a general idea of ​​the proposed product. On it, as well as on the pages of many other ICO, words such as "decentralized", "global system", "blockchain", "revolutionary network", etc. are used. By themselves, they already attract very few people, but they are not an alarm signal as such. One of the reasons that made users think that they have a full-fledged project before them are the amounts that the team spent on marketing. It is assumed that Benebit spent up to $500,000 on the advertising campaign.

Early investors have already invested their money in Benebit by the time users suspected something was wrong, and now the ICO Syndicate site promoting ICO and offering bonuses of up to 100% is blamed for this.

Another site, ICO Watchlist, also evaluating the ICO, wrote:

Benebit was removed from our platform when the messages reached us. We never tire of recalling that ICO is high-risk enterprises, investing in which people are obliged to conduct thorough preliminary checks themselves.

ICO Bench also included Benebit in its listing and users gave it a rating of 4.1 out of 5.

According to the administrator of the Telegram-channel Benebit, the real organizers of the ICO are in India. He claims that he was deceived just like everyone else.

We were hired to work with the community. As confirmation, their CEO sent us his passport. It looks like it's also fake.

Information Source: Bitcoin News