Australian Brisbane Airport The First to Permit Crypto Payments

Australian Brisbane Airport The First to Permit Crypto Payments

Very soon crypto enthusiasts will be able to spend their bitcoins and altcoins in the Australian Brisbane Airport, one of the primary air transportation forefronts Queensland, as regional startup decided to diversify the life of air travelers. Shops, restaurants, and cafes in the restaurants of the airport are preparing for receiving bitcoin funds, whereas around 20 traders in the city region have already jumped on the cryptocurrency bandwagon. Thanks to the same startup.

Now, in the airport, people will enjoy the advantages of cyber money payments. As the airport’s operator emphasized, these benefits secure passengers personal data, as well as wind-up third-party interposition. Moreover, there will be available affordable transaction fees, low waiting transaction time and pleasing exchange rates.

According to the information on the Brisbane Airport site, the hub is getting ready for the independent blockchain authorized payments. A bunch of retailers, as well as the regional cyber money payment network, are participating in the revolutionizing process. Once the project is launched, travelers will be able to spend their BTC, ETH and Dash units for making purchases in the space of the airport.

The idea is expected to be implemented in the partnership with Travelbybit, the Australian startup. Its Chief Executive Officer Caleb Yeoh said that what they are pioneers in the industry, who are about to launch the project.

“Whenever you travel overseas, you have to deal with multiple currencies, and you never know what exchange rates the banks are charging you. We are promoting the bitcoin travel movement. Digital currency for worldwide travel. It’s simple, safe and there are no bank fees,” said Yeoh.

Among the airport’s restaurants, which will start accepting cryptos for payment, are Forte Espresso, Spoon, as well as Windmill & Co. The representatives of such stores even said they are proud to be the part of the crypto payment launch in the first digital assets friendly airport.