Coinbase Launched a Pay Service For Cryptocurrencies

Coinbase Launched a Pay Service For Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrency platform and the Coinbase exchange launched a new service that will allow sellers to integrate virtual currency payments into the site quickly. To buttons of a choice of a method of payment online (Credit Card and PayPal), one more will be added - Coinbase Commerce .

Coinbase gave little official information about the new service, announcing only the opening of a new site. While on its main page there is a warning that registration of new subscribers is not performed and you can just add yourself to the waiting list.

After choosing the payment method Coinbase Commerce and one of the four cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, and Litecoin), the user enters a page that looks like a regular crypto-coin.

Since the plug-in is integrated with MetaMask (cryptocurrency purse in Google Chrome), making payments through it in Ethereum will be even more comfortable than with credit cards or PayPal. Through confirmation of MetaMask, this will happen almost instantly.

Coinbase Commerce easily integrates and provides an opportunity to pay four cryptocurrencies. The company can compose a strong competition to the BitPay platform in the cryptocurrency service for online traders.

Now BitPay client base of merchants is about 100 thousand, and Coinbase - about 50 thousand. However, BitPay currently supports only Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash, promising to integrate other cryptocurrencies on its platform this year.

Recall, earlier Coinbase reported that in 2017 earned more than $1 billion.

Information Source: Trustnodes