From Transactions to Cannabis. Announcement form India Globalization Capital

From Transactions to Cannabis. Announcement form India Globalization Capital

The growth in the introduction of blockchain technology has led to a coup in some industries, including financial services, data management, healthcare, agriculture, supply chain, gambling, games, public services, music, air tickets and much more.

So why not incorporate it into cannabis.

This is not the first time when someone has attempted to rationalize production in this industry

This week, the company from Maryland India Globalization Capital announced that it intends to introduce blockchain technology to "address specific issues inherent in the medical use of cannabis". The project also includes guarantees of identity and origin of products, as well as re-marking or inadequate labeling of products containing hemp that are sold online.

The company refers to a previously published JAMA study that says that about 70% of all cannabidiol-containing products are sold on online sites with incorrect labeling.

According to the head of India Globalization Capital, Ram Mukunda:

The company's goal is to create a universal blockbuster platform that would respond to the challenges facing the medical application industry of cannabis and users. Such products, for example, are used by patients who have Alzheimer's disease diagnosed.

Against the backdrop of this message, the company's shares and the volume of their trades grew by more than 100%.

Information Source: India Globalization Capital