Keep Up With October Crypto Events Checking Out This Quick Roundup

October Crypto Events

Top Crypto Market News Of October You Should Catch Up With

Do you think the world is turning more crypto-crazed day by day? There’s no limit to your investments and crypto-asset expansion. Although, do you have enough crucial info to make beneficial decisions? The digital industry isn’t that challenging as it might seem at first, but it requires your personal contribution. Read on to find out everything you’ll need to know to make those favorable choices and evolve your financial stability!

Samsung strengthens its Blockchain Wallet’s security with AML

South Korean smartphone company Samsung has incorporated the Anti-Money Laundering solution to its Blockchain Wallet. This integration doesn’t only strengthen the overall security of the wallet but also lets Samsung crypto users check their digital environment and track the system. The process is successful due to the signed “Blockchain Service AML Integration Agreement” with Singapore’s Uppsala Security software firm. In case of any fraudulent activity or risk of hacking, consumers can check their statuses and monitor activity. Moreover, the monitoring reports can be passed to law enforcement in serious cases.

Cryptocurrency Visa card is launched by Coinbase in the US

At last, US customers have the opportunity to relish the comfort of using Coinbase Visa which was previously introduced to use in European countries. The debit card can be used to spend your crypto assets freely wherever Visa is accepted; it allows consumers to make payments and cash withdrawals just like any other bank card. Cryptocurrency will be automatically converted into the United States dollar and some standard crypto conversion fees may apply. There will be virtual and physical cards available. As a pleasant bonus, Coinbase Visa users will get 4% back in Stellar Lumens (XLM) and 1% back in Bitcoin (BTC.) All US residents qualify for use, except the residents from Hawaii.

Russian Central Bank is planning to pilot digital ruble in 2021

Just a year ago Russian Central Bank stated there was no need for their own digital currency. However, as the world progresses, their financial authorities see great prospects in introducing a digital ruble into the market. With its development, they believe it will reduce the issues caused by altcoins like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and others that are currently bothering the Russian economy. Moreover, some Russian banks have already started the development and creation of crypto wallets to support the crypto ruble. Launching of the pilot is expected to be at the beginning of 2021, although some institutions believe that the Russian international banking community has some catching up to do to get the desired success.

PayPal fully introduces cryptocurrency into its wallet

PayPal, as one of the giants in online commerce and financial exchange, announced that it will offer its wallet users from the US the opportunity to sell, buy, and hold Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, and Litecoin. US market will be their trial zone, as they’re looking forward to expanding on an international scale in the future, as well as introducing Venmo as their digital wallet app. Such crypto introduction is caused by the shifts in the world’s financial preferences, and PayPal seizes a perfect chance to accommodate their consumers and evolve its status on the financial market and international commerce industry.

Singapore’s DBS Bank presents a crypto exchange

DBS Bank, Singapore’s largest financial entity, stated the launch of its fiat-to-crypto exchange. It will support crypto coins like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, and Ripple. In fiat currencies, it will support the US dollar, the Singapore dollar, Hong Kong dollar, and Japanese yen. DBS Digital Exchange will have its own limitations to trading, including the limit of weekdays trading hours from 9 am to 4 pm, and full restriction on weekend trading. Besides, STOs (security token offerings) will also be conducted by the exchange to help SME raise funds.


Many countries are seriously considering and efficiently developing their crypto assets and digital currencies. Are you looking forward to seeing some particular currency being developed? How do you think these new introductions can potentially benefit you? Will you invest, trade, and become one of the richest people in your area? Check out monthly roundups and easily keep up with everything that’s been happening in the world regarding crypto! Success is only one news’ checkup away.

Keep Up With October Crypto Events Checking Out This Quick Roundup
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