Litecoin Is Gaining Popularity In The Darknet

Litecoin Is Gaining Popularity In The Darknet

Specialists of the Recorded Future company presented the results of the study, designed to find out which cryptocurrencies are most in demand today in the darknet.

Experts analyzed the 150 most visited trading platforms, sites, and forums represented on the black market. The data obtained showed that cybercriminals are increasingly refusing to use bitcoin because of the slow processing of transactions and their high cost.

Despite this, Bitcoin remains the "gold standard" in the darknet. As a payment, it is accepted 100% of the sites.

Litecoin is the second most popular. In total, LTC payments account for 30% of all sites studied. It is followed by Dash (20%), Bitcoin Cash (13%), Ethereum (13%) and Monero (6%).

What's happening at the moment is incomprehensible. Despite that I've used the recommended commission fees, my transactions have remained pending for the past three days, and my work has been paralyzed. Dear vendors, please implement alternative payment options; otherwise, I will miss out on this Christmas season.

Further analysis showed that users from Eastern Europe are more active in using alternative methods of payment in comparison with residents of English-speaking regions. We also managed to find out which cryptocurrency they most often choose. So, Russians prefer Litecoin, and their foreign "colleagues" - Monero.

With all the results of the study of Recorded Future can be found on the link .

Recall that in the autumn of 2017 Europol released a report on the rapid growth of private tokens in the criminal world. It says that "other crypto-currencies such as Monero, Ethereum, and Zcash are gaining popularity in the digital underground".

In January, analysts noted that many darknet sites refuse to accept bitcoins and switch to alternative payment methods. However, the reason for this was not technical issues, but the ability of law enforcement agencies to track such transactions.

Information Source: Recorded Future