Former Mt Gox CEO Claims He Doesn’t Want Bankruptcy Billions

Former Mt Gox CEO Claims He Doesn’t Want Bankruptcy Billions

Mark Karpeles, the ex-CEO at Mt Gox, which once used to be the most significant BTC trading venue, said he does not look forward to receiving billions after the exchange bankrupted.

As it is known, four years ago Mt Gox experienced insolvency, so its former head decided to apologize one more time in the face of all people who once piled their finds into coin, offered by Mt Gox and then were left without anything. In particular, Karpeles apologized for his role in the 2014-collapse.

Mt Gox’s Ex- Doesn’t Want Any Bankruptcy Money

On April 4, in a Reddit post, Karpeles wrote a letter to former Mt Gox’s clients, lots of whom have been struggling to get their funds back once one of the largest crypto bourses of that time experienced bankruptcy.

So turning to former customers, the ex-CEO fought back the idea that he, somehow, would take advantage of the way the judiciary system in Japan is going to solve the issue.

Previously, the notorious media outlet – the Wall Street Journal – reported that Karpeles is about to get millions in the aftermath of a range of Mt Gox-related events. Precisely, all creditors are expected to get the value of their BTC holdings in Japanese public currency “yen,” after what all customers of the bankrupted bourse will be indemnified.

Karpeles himself said that, finally, the former crypto trading venue would obtain over 160,000 units of BTC and BCH, which equals to around $1 billion as per present values. Karpeles added:

"I don't want these billion dollars. From day one I never expected to receive anything from this bankruptcy. The fact that today this is a possibility is an aberration, and I believe it is my responsibility to make sure it doesn't happen.”