Pavel Durov Will Release His Cryptocurrency This March

Pavel Durov Will Release His Cryptocurrency This March

The most fashionable instant messenger Telegram plans to launch a preliminary ICO. The goal is to earn $500 million in investments in its own blockchain platform and the Gram token. Then Pavel Durov expects to attract another $3-5 billion, which will make his ICO the largest in history.

Pavel Durov intends to popularize the Gram with the help of about 180 million users of his Telegram, which will become the "rocket fuel" of the new cryptocurrency. The scale of the popularity of Telegram can bring the Gram into the leaders of the top of the most influential cryptocurrencies.

In addition to Gram and other cryptocurrencies, users will be able to transfer ordinary money (euro, dollars, etc.) using a single electronic purse in Telegram. Thanks to these crypts, millions of Telegram users will be able to safely keep and transfer funds from any device through end-to-end encryption. Access to wallets will give a key, known only to their owners.

Also, Telegram plans to launch the TON Proxy anonymization tool and TON Storage cloud storage on the same "3rd generation" platform of the Telegram Open Network (TON) in 2019. Third-party developers and robots will work on it.

The potential of cryptocurrency in a widespread application for messaging is colossal.

In the description of the white paper, it is said that investors will be able to purchase 44% of the new cryptocurrency, 4% of Telegram's team will hold it for 4 years and at least 52% will be owned by the company in order not to allow speculation.

During the ICO, investors receive tokens in exchange for the enclosed funds - this or that cryptocurrency. First, at the preliminary stage or pre-ICO, Telegram will offer tokens to a narrow circle of investors who can invest about $ 20 million each and the nearest entourage of Pavel Durov, then this circle will be expanded. In the standard ICO, investors invest in cryptocurrency, but Pavel Durov will demand ordinary money, for example, US dollars.

Information Source: TechCrunch