PayPal Clients Receive Dubious Cryptocurrency Warnings

PayPal Clients Receive Dubious Cryptocurrency Warnings

Last week several PayPal clients complained both online and to the media about receiving emails, which looked like official ones from the company, containing a warning concerning the trade of cryptos.

In particular, all the users were asked to stop buying, selling, or transmitting cyber money with PayPal account as that was, according to the letter, forbidden by the operating payment system.

Therefore, some PayPal clients turned to the official representatives of the company (customer support service) and demanded an explanation of the email restrictions. Surprisingly, PayPal reps officially disclaimed the anti-crypto e-letter.

One user’s evidence

In the article, one of PayPal users – David Veksler, who has been using PayPal services for more than 15 years, – informed about a strange letter that he received to his email.

According to his words, the letter looked very much like an official one. In it, it was said that PayPal “prohibits” any actions related to cryptos, which are tabooed “under our Acceptable Use Policy.”

Also, in this message, the unknown sender asked PayPal clients to stop any of those crypto activities.


Notably, according to the article, similar complaints have been expressed by PayPal users on Reddit and other forums, making the whole picture look suspicious.

PayPal’s reaction

In its turn, PayPal has not officially referred to the issue as of writing. However, Veksler turned to customer support for confirmation of the letter, and he was told that it was forged.

At the same time, PayPal’s user emphasized that the e-letter looked real from the presentation part to digital signatures. But according to Veksler’s words, PayPal’s rep confirmed that the email address from which the letter was sent, does not belong to the company.

Another suspicious issue is that Veksler, who received the anti-crypto email, claimed that he had never had in his life any involvement into the crypto business.