Polish Central Bank Admits Campaigning Against Cryptos Via YouTube

Polish Central Bank Admits Campaigning Against Cryptos Via YouTube

Bitcoin and its brethren must have tough times as some governments do not only try to tackle them but also run anti-cyber-money campaigns online, to drive people away from this phenomenon.

Modern tools to curb on Bitcoin

Not long ago, the Central bank of Poland has acknowledged that it sponsored anti-cryptos “crusades” on social networks. In particular, Poland’s top financial institution confessed it piled into the production of a video “I LOST ALL THE MONEY?!” which was released two months ago. According to Polish media outlet money.pl, the video was produced by the country’s YouTube vlogger Marcin Dubiel.

The report detailed that the campaign against cyber assets was run by the Polish top financial authority in cooperation with Gamellon, which is a country’s Youtube partner network, as well as with Facebook Ireland Limited and Google Ireland Limited. The budget of the anti-cryptos “crusade” of video production comprised around 91,000 Polish zloty that makes up approximately $27,000.

Moreover, in the frames of the campaign, anty-bitcoin content was also released on the YouTube channel called the Planeta Faktów (Planet of Facts). For you to imagine the scale of the influence, take into account that this channel has more than 1.5 million subscribers, whereas Dubiel’s channel is followed by around 900,000 people.

What is in the video?

Remarkably, Polish vlogger's video has no mention that the content was funded by specialized organizations. The story tells about a guy who piles all his funds into cyber money and who loses everything. Published at the beginning of last year December, the video gained more than 520,000 views.

Another interesting detail is that in the description of this video on YouTube there is a hashtag #uważajnakryptowaluty. And it is not a random one. This hashtag points out at Polish financial authorities’ self-titled website. It has been established by the country’s Central Bank as well as by its Financial Supervision Authority. The goal of this site is to caution people about cyber assets.

The culmination of the Dubiel’s video takes place at the restaurant where a guy cannot use virtual money to pay for his girlfriend’s deal. Therefore, the lady left her fiat banknotes on the table and walked away. The video finishes with the “vicious” cyber money investor, who caused Dubiel’s troubles, laughing when calculating his earnings.

Poland against cryptos?

The case of the anti-cryptos campaign is very untypical in the modern days. Especially, after last year Poland formally recognized crypto mining and trading processes.