Regulator Of Cryptocurrencies In South Korea Was Found Dead In His House

Regulator Of Cryptocurrencies In South Korea Was Found Dead In His House

The market of cryptocurrency in Korea is again uneasy. Jung Ki-joon, head of economic policy coordination at the Office for Government Policy Coordinationsenior Korean civil, is responsible for developing measures to regulate cryptocurrency; he was found dead in his house on Sunday, February 18. At the moment it is reported that the leading cause of death is called a heart attack.

The police are investigating and trying to find out the exact causes of Chon's death. According to the words of friends, Jung Ki-joon was constantly stressed out since he received a new appointment at the end of last year. His duties included coordinating the work of various departments to regulate the market of cryptocurrencies.

Recall that recently in South Korea toughened the rules of the work of stock exchanges and trade in cryptocurrency. The new laws prohibit anonymous trade in cryptocurrencies and oblige traders to disclose their real names.

Also, there were rumors that the South Korean authorities in general plan to prohibit cryptocurrency trading. The public met such news very sharply - protests, ignoring the law, petitioning against new measures for several tens of thousands of signatures. The Korean government reacted to the discontent, but the policy of tightening measures to regulate the cryptocurrency market remained true.

Information Source: CNBC