Ripple Donated $29 mln to a Non-Profit As its Founder Dared to Ask

Ripple Donated $29 mln to a Non-Profit As its Founder Dared to Ask is a nonprofit organization, established around 20 years ago to help educators collect funds for teaching projects.

And, as it is known, lots of users entirely rely on the external financial aid to support their ideas. In this case, they are classroom projects, which are posted by various teachers.

The company receives donations from different patrons, but now the founder decided to step on the crypto-path.


Not long ago, the constitutor of this crowdfunding platform – Charles Best – dared himself to request a donation to cover some of the education projects from… Ripple.

The unique story has been covered by the San Francisco Chronicle, to which Best unveiled:

"I kind of dared myself to send an email pitching an idea 10 times bigger than I've ever pitched before."

In particular, Best sent an email to one of the Ripple’s constitutors – Chris Larsen – and asked for a donation. In the beginning, as lots of us would be, was scared that the company which runs one of the most valuable cyber-coins in the world could take the request not seriously.

However, Best was astonished when Ripple did not only merely respond to the letter, but sent a generous amount worth $29 million. The crypto-company promised to cover the expenses for over 35,000 classroom projects entirely.

What’s Next?

Concerning the unexpected donation, Best spoke in a YouTube announcement with Ripple’s senior vice president of marketing – Monica Long, – saying that thanks to crypto-company’s respond, tutors will be able to work with over a million of students behind the projects. Moreover, students will be able to receive new materials and will be exposed to unique experience and knowledge.

By the way, every time teachers’ get donations through for their classroom and educational projects, they share messages on social networks concerning what the charitable funds will be used for, tagging them as #BestSchoolDay.

For instance, as posts show, some teachers will use the donated funds for replacing broken instruments in the classroom, whereas the others will take their students to different states in the US on excursions.

But most interestingly, these donations will also be used for students with special needs. Students with autism will be, therefore, will be supplied with peculiar arts as well as crafts.

And all this might not have taken place if crowdfunding platform’s founder had not dared him to email Ripple’s co-constitutor.