Why The Ripple Rate Flew Above $ 3.8

Why The Ripple Rate Flew Above $ 3.8

Ripple continues to set records and grow steadily. The reason for the next surge in purchases were rumors that the cryptocurrency will be added to the digital platform Coinbase.

As we already wrote earlier, Ripple cannot be considered as a means of payment and cryptocurrency in the classical sense as Bitcoin.


  • Because the network is controlled by one company, the number of coins is limited, and they are already in circulation.
  • The main idea with which Satoshi created Bitcoin was the fight against the world banking monopoly. The creators of Ripple did not set such a task, more than that it would ever become a means of payment, there was no question at all.

However, this did not prevent Ripple from advancing into banking structures, winning new financial companies and not only, which attracts attention from investors.

Thus, it is possible that this is the first Cryptocurrency value, which is formed by the business in which it is applied, rather than by speculation as in Bitcoin.

Adding to Coinbase will provide an opportunity to attract medium and small investors to the project, supporting the development of the network. Also, the inclusion of an asset in Coinbase should simplify its purchase for new network members who are ready to buy a cryptocurrency.

With XRP hitting a high of $3.84 on Thursday, its co-founder's holdings are worth about $59.9 billion.

We make software products, and we sell them to banks, payment providers, like MoneyGram just as an example, and then corporates. XRP ledger is a standalone decentralized product, and the primary use-cases are around digital assets

According to CNBC , Chris Larsen - the former Ripple CEO just ahead of Larry Ellison, who ranked fifth on Forbes 400 list with a worth of $58.4 billion. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg ranks fourth, with a value of $74.4 billion.

Information Source: CNBC