Putin Approved Russians to Help Venezuela Launch Petro Behind the US Back: Report

Putin Approved Russians to Help Venezuela Launch Petro Behind the US Back: Report

The launch of Venezuela’s state cyber coin petro might not have been as innocent as the country’s socialist government portrayed it.

Reportedly, the development and further promotion of the oil-supported petro could have been cooperation between Venezuela and Russia.

This week, an authoritative media outlet Time Magazine, referring to anonymous sources, familiar with the issue, informed that this collaboration occurred under Russian leader’s personal affirmation.

According to the report, this was done to help Venezuela dodge economic sanctions, imposed by the US on a socialist government of the country.

Secret Crypto Meddling

Time, quoting unnamed sources, reported about a secret deal between Russian and Venezuelan placemen on the subject of petro launch.

As it has been clarified by Venezuelan gov’t, petro is the first state cyber coin in the entire world established to help Venezuela fight the economic crisis. The country’s opposition, as well as the US, considered this digital currency to be illegal and risky.

And now, as media suggest, the reason for the petro launch was not to solve Venezuela’s financial problems but to evade American economic restrictions, imposed as a response to Venezuela’s anti-democratic actions.

Most surprising is that the launch of petro was allegedly approved by Putin, who assigned Kremlin officials to assist Venezuela in crypto endeavors.

Who Are The Russians Who Allegedly Boosted Petro?

As per Time’s information, the two Russians, known for dealing with Maduro’s petro counselors, are Denis Druzhkov and Fyodor Bogorodsky. Reportedly, they have connections with Russia’s top financial institutions and tycoons, close to Putin’s administration.

In the report, it was mentioned that both of them were thanked by Maduro to help him withstand the US imperialism.

According to AP, Druzhkov, one of the Russians, is the head of Zeus Trading firm and is infamous for being prohibited by CME to trade for three years as well as facing a fine of over $30,000. The reason was his scamming trading in futures.