Samsung Wants to Get UK Cyber-Money Wallet Trademark

Samsung Wants to Get UK Cyber-Money Wallet Trademark

Samsung seems to be leaping on a virtual money bandwagon as it has applied for the crypto-wallet trademark in the UK. The act follows the rumours that this tech titan intends to append a crypto-wallet to its Galaxy S10 smartphone.

First Rumors About Samsung-Crypto Relationship

Earlier it was reported by media that Samsung planned to include a virtual money cold wallet into its product Galaxy S10. However, later the company disproved the rumours in comments to Cointelegraph.

Another involvement of the company into the crypto-ecosystem, real though, occurred on December 10 when Samsung did three applications for EU trademarks for DLT and crypto-related software.

Shall We Expect The Crypto-Wallet From Giant Smartphone Producer?

At the moment, Samsung is asking the United Kingdom Intellectual Property Office for a trademark for a crypto-wallet. The relevant filing is dated December 27 on the agency’s site.

In the application, the electronics titan has specified the elaborations that, as it seems, it seeks to get the trademark for. They appear in the “Classes and terms” division. To take a handful of examples:

  • Computer software for crypto-transfer and payment employing DLT (unaltered ledger);
  • Computer software for use as a crypto-wallet;
  • Computer application software for smartphones, namely, software to allow users to transfer bitcoin and its pals based on DLT and pay via 3rd party’s application software.