Smartphone For Mining

Smartphone For Mining

While some manufacturers are thinking about releasing blockchain-smartphones, they are ahead of the Chinese brand Sugar.

The blockchain is now on hearing. Even if the company and its products are in no way connected with this technology, many are trying to take advantage of this. So, for example, the American IT-firm has arrived, which has no relation to the blockchain.

The British tea company just added the word "blockchain" to the name of its tea, and the value of its shares increased three-fold. And in China, there was a manufacturer who announced the world's first smartphone for cryptocurrency mining.

The mobile device is called Sugar Blockchain Creation Edition. Externally - this is an exact copy of ZTE Nubia Z17s, except for the rhinestones on the power button. But this is not the main thing, since its main distinguishing feature is the mining and storage of Ethereum Fog - the forking of the Ethereum cryptocurrency, as evidenced by the Ethereum Fog Foundation logo on the back of the smartphone.

How the smartphone will produce for its owner a cryptocurrency - is not specified. Most likely, it has installed and configured the appropriate software for mining, and also it will act as a hardware wallet.

Equipment Sugar Blockchain Creation Edition is also unknown; however, apparently, this is a modified version of the smartphone Sugar S11 of the same manufacturer, presented last summer.

The device serves not only as a means of communication but also as an Ethereum-wallet. Mining uses a particular ASIC chip, which was added to the motherboard.

The cost of Sugar S11 Blockchain Creation Edition will be about $620, and the size of the first batch will be 10 thousand copies. To one wallet it will be possible to bind up to 10 smartphones.

Information Source: Tenna