South Korean Central Bank: 20% of Adults Eager to Buy Cryptos

South Korean Central Bank: 20% of Adults Eager to Buy Cryptos

The recent survey, conducted by the central bank of South Korea, has shown that over 20% of majors are enthusiastic about piling into cyber assets.

Such an interest is crucial in South Korea, where the government took a hardline stance on virtual money since the end of 2017, prohibiting anonymous accounts for crypto-trading and more.

Moreover, the South Korean market of digital coins is considered to be among the largest in the world, so such vibes cannot be neglected.

How Many of South Koreans Are Familiar With Bitcoin And Its Ilks?

According to the survey, carried out by the Bank of Korea, South Koreans between 20 and 30 years old are widely acquainted with cyber money and are even eager to pile into them. This is the data reported by The Korea Times this week, referring to Yonhap.

In the poll, there took part 2,511 people, over 21% out of which claimed they are aware of digital money. In particular, among those, who are in their 20s, there are almost 30%, and among respondents, who are in their 30s, there are 40%.

Notably, there are even people above 60 years old, who are conscious about cryptos. However, there are only about 6% of them. At the same time, slightly over 2% of South Korean respondents, who have already turned 70 years old, claimed to be familiar with bitcoin and its brethren.

How Many Of South Koreans Are Eager To Invest in Cryptos?

As per the survey, there are 24% and 20% of South Korean young adults aged 20+ and 30+ respectively, who are not just aware of cyber-coins, but who also are highly interested in investing in them.

Senior adults also have the desire to pile into cryptos. Particularly, nearly 7% of respondents aged between 60 and 69 years old are eager to step into the world of crypto-investment, as well as over 8% of people aged 70-79 years old with respective interests.