Largest Thai Cinema Chain Will Accept Cryptos

Largest Thai Cinema Chain Will Accept Cryptos

The top-notch cinema group in Thailand has stepped on the path of bitcoin adoption. Reportedly, the cinema net Major Cineplex will shortly start accepting cryptos as means of payments. Visitors of the entertainment establishment might be able to pay for film tickets and snacks with the "Big Daddy."

Watching IMAX for Bitcoins in Thailand

As reports with a reference to Thai local media The Nation, the country’s most significant cinema operator Major Cineplex is forming a crypto-payment medium. The cinema net is teaming up with Rapidzpay, the Swiss payment business, to bring BTC settlements to cinema lovers.

Major Cineplex also holds the most considerable cinema system in Thailand – the Paragon Cineplex.

The Paragon Cineplex is the place where Major Cineplex and Rapidzpay will hold their crypto-trials. It is founded in the most opulent mall in Bangkok the Siam Paragon.

It provides spectators access to:

  • 16 screens
  • 5,000 seats
  • IMAX hall


According to reports, negotiants can resort to the Rapidz PoS setup to receive cyber money and public currencies.

As explained in the settlement, the Thai cinema net and the Swiss team will include virtual settlements into the ingrained payment gateways. Thanks to this, payments for cinema will become easier, safer and much potent, the organizers are expecting.

So far the Thai cinema net has not notified of the acceptance of BTC for settlements. In the meantime, Rapidzpay apps are supporting bitcoin, bitcoin cash, and litecoin.

Major Cineplex has been functioning in Thailand for the past 23 years. Currently, it runs 143 cinema halls, bureaus the third part of which is placed in the Bangkok neighborhood. Furthermore, the chain has divisions in Cambodia and Laos.

The news has come amid Thailand’s start of crypto-regulation. Newly, the Thai Securities and Exchange regulator has begun reviewing proposals from cyber coins operators.