The Swiss Church Accepts Donations In Cryptocurrencies

The Swiss Church Accepts Donations In Cryptocurrencies

The largest Evangelical Church in Switzerland (International Christian Fellowship), apparently decided to refute the view that religion does not support progress..

God does not mind cryptocurrency

ICF representative Nicolas Legler said:

Digital currencies and the blockchain technology will change our daily lives more and more in the next years.Cryptocurrencies will be implemented, be it Bitcoin or other currencies controlled by the State. We are convinced that this technology will soon belong to our daily lives.

The church in Zurich exists due to the donations of parishioners, mostly the ICF parishioners are young people, so the church's interest in cryptocurrencies is quite understandable. As the cryptocurrency becomes more and more common, it is likely that it will become common practice to collect donations in the church crypto. Islam, as we already know, refers to the cryptocurrency is not so positive.

At the same time, cryptocurrencies are increasingly used in charity. For example, the Pineapple Fund, created by an anonymous bitcoin millionaire, donated $ 5 million to BTC's Give Directly to the "Incomplete Capital for the Poor" project, which provides targeted assistance to citizens of Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda living in extreme poverty..

In Russia, donations in the cryptocurrency are accepted by the charity fund "Give Life". Also, the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and the United Nations Children's Emergency Fund (UNICEF) earlier announced the possibility of receiving donations in the cryptocurrency.

Information Source: Bitcoinist