Venezuela Ordered State Services to Accept Any Cryptos, Announced Petro-Gold

Venezuela Ordered State Services to Accept Any Cryptos, Announced Petro-Gold

Crypto Accepted After the pre-sale of national cyber coin petro, which is considered by Venezuelan administration successful as it gathered over $735 million on the initial day, the country’s president Nicolas Maduro announced the launch of another coin – petro-gold. On top of that, the politician ordered some state services to accept any cryptos as a payment method.

Venezuela to be the most crypto-friendly country on earth?

Not long ago after Venezuelan state oil-back cyber currency petro’s pre-sale was launched, Maduro from the Miraflores Palace ordered different state services to start accepting bitcoin and its brethren, including petro, as payment options. In particular, Maduro said that the order relates to the "consular services in all embassies and consulates" of Venezuela in every part of the world and from now on they have to accept both petro and other cyber assets.

Furthermore, the socialistic leader of the country said that the National Association of Airlines would soon have the opportunity to buy combustible and cover all repairing works using petro or any other cyber currencies. Following Maduro’s words, lots of service providers, e.g., hotels, motels as well as tour operators, turned to him with the request to permit the acceptance of cryptos as a payment method.

Crypto golden times: new coin declared

However, this was not the only news regarding Venezuela’s adoption of digital assets.

On February 21, at a special event, Maduro notified the set off of petro’s “little brother” – petro-gold. This particular coin will, apparently, be upheld by ores, while regular petro, as it is known, is supported by Venezuela’s oil reserves.

Notably, the country’s leader emphasized, the new coin will be launched already the following week. According to his words, petro-gold will supplement the regular national crypto-coin. He added that Venezuela has 36 crypto trading venues worldwide which are cooperating with the country's administration and petro.