Bitcoin Cash Adopted by Keepkay Wallet & Two Asian Exchanges

Bitcoin Cash Adopted by Keepkay Wallet & Two Asian Exchanges

Despite slight declines within the past month, bitcoin cash keeps winning the hearts of crypto enthusiasts. More businesses adopt the coin, giving its clients more extensive opportunities for using it. Recently, a hardware wallet appended bitcoin cash to its software customer. Also, the virtual currency was added by two Asian exchange platforms, but most importantly, payments in bitcoin cash will become available for more than 4,500 Indian traders before long.

New Horizons for BCH

According to, BCH is now formally adopted by hardware wallet Keepkey’s customer. Now, if those, who have not demanded their bitcoin cash since it forked out of bitcoin six months ago, open the BTC account in Keepkey, they will notice that BCH is in the underside list of the software. Additionally, account users have the chance to append BCH account in order to make transactions and swap bitcoin cash with digital asset exchange Shapeshift.

It is important to clarify that Keepkey was taken on by Shapeshift Company the same month when bitcoin cash separated from the ‘Big Daddy’. Being the hardware fabricator, Keepkey supports a bunch of cyber currencies, including ethereum, litecoin, dogecoin, bitcoin and a range of the others. Recently, talking about bitcoin cash’s support, the developer announced:

“Our recent beta client (4.5.11) for BCH was tested thoroughly and is now very mature.”

Asia Embracing Bitcoin Cash

All the people, who demand their BCH on Keepkey, will get surprised for having another advantage. They will also have an opportunity to trade bitcoin cash on some exchange platforms in India and Hong Kong.


On January 17, Kucoin’s clients were allowed to buy and sell six different pairs with bitcoin cash as the last one was successfully supplemented to the exchange. By the way, Kucoin is a platform, based in China’s special administrative region Hong Kong. When launching the alteration, the platform explained that they aimed at enabling clients to trade much supply.

Zebpay And More

A day later, on January 18, India’s primary BTC exchange by the number of users, called Zebpay, has appended BCH in the frames of its 2.0 release. What is interesting about Zebpay is that it lets the clients trade cyber money, purchase vouchers as well as put credit on their phones, whose packages function on the prepaid basis. The exchange is grounded in the app and is available for iOS and Android for two years and a half.

On top of that, BCH might be allowed for payments in hundreds if not thousands of Indian shops and public caterings as Quikwallet promised to adopt bitcoin cash in around 30 days. This way, more than 4,500 Indian merchants will get advantages of using BCH.

By the way, at the moment, bitcoin cash is being traded at the price of $1,776, according to the It remains fourth most popular digital coin with $30 billion worth market capitalization. Currently, BCH is going through the value turmoil just as the other currencies in the market. The price swings started on January 16, when the whole market started dropping down by 20-50% each coin.

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