New Website Puts Altcoins in the Shoes of Bitcoin & Shows Their Real Price

New Website Puts Altcoins in the Shoes of Bitcoin & Shows Their Real Price

There are lots of altcoins on the market, which not long ago were trading at less than $1 and recently have started surging up at an unprecedented rate. This has led to the situation whereby some altcoins’ enthusiasts claim these altcoins to overcome the value of the BTC one day.

But what these investors forget is the digital deficiency. It means that the abundant coins are understandably low-cost in comparison to those, which are confined to supply, for example, bitcoin. But the case is to be improved thanks to a new online tool called Bitcoin Price Equivalence.

The Real Price of Altcoins

Given the growing embrace of altcoins, in 2017 the dominance index of bitcoin dropped by around 52%. In its turn, Ripple demonstrated an impressive 330-fold growth in value. Meanwhile, such promising crypto coins as Litecoin and Ethereum increased by minimum 50-fold in the space of the past year. Litecoin, by the way, grew by 7,000% in 2017, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Such a growth of altcoins has stirred arguments over their true price. Last week a tweet called “Removing Unit Bias” questioned this issue, asking users whether they would still purchase cheap coins if their supply cap was the same as bitcoin’s one. The tweet also included a screenshot with listed famous cryptos and their price. However, that price was based on the assumption that each of these altcoins was limited by the allowed number of all coins for existence – 21 million.

Eric Wall, the columnist for the, commented this issue on his blog, explaining:

“Of course, the unit price of a coin is a totally senseless basis for making investment choices on. Any cryptocurrency–even Bitcoin–could have been a sub-cent item, if Satoshi chose the final cap to be 21 quadrillions instead of 21 million.”

Today, everybody may learn about how much altcoins truly worth with the help of the website Bitcoin Price Equivalence. It presents prices for all altcoins, purging unit offset, based on their individual circulating supply, and adjusting them in accordance with the BTC’s 21-million-coin limit. Therefore, one can see that some altcoins indeed are costlier than one can expect.

“Equalizing” Rivals

Imagine, all altcoins had the same supply as the “Big Daddy”. Then their prices would look quite pretty different, and that’s what the new website shows. In this case, one Ripple would cost approximately $11,400, as Ethereum would be around $7,800, whereas Litecoin would trade at $788 and Stellar – at about $3,200. Currently, Ripple costs just $1.92, Ethereum is worth $1,351, Litecoin’s price is $242 as Stellar is traded at merely $0.52, according to the CoinMarketCap.

Now all those who are wishing to pile into altcoins are at the crossroads: would they purchase those coins if they knew the price given the BPE? Stellar may seem quite appealing at the price of just sub-$1, but it is interesting to know who would really pay $3,200 for it. Same for Ripple.

The good news is that it is easy to see and distinguish the underestimated and overrated altcoins now. Moreover, it is also possible to find out which “cheap” coins still have room for growth thanks to the BPE. Now it is all up to investors’ intuition.

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