What Did Experts Say About Cryptocurrencies For 2018?

What Did Experts Say About Cryptocurrencies For 2018?

In the current year, crypto-currencies can show even more significant growth than in the previous year, and the capitalization of cryptology may exceed $1 trillion. Such opinions were expressed by experts interviewed by CNBC.

The other day, Bitcoin fell below $6,000 - for the first time since mid-November 2017. On Wednesday, February 7, it was already trading at $7000, and today it exceeded the $8000 mark.

At the lowest point recorded on Wednesday, the cryptocurrency market lost $ 550 billion of capitalization. However, industry experts expect a new round of growth this year.

Increasing the attention of regulators to crypto-exchange exchanges, access to the arena of institutional capital and major technological developments will help rebound the market and will move prices on crypto-currencies to new highs. There is no reason why we can not see a rise in the price of bitcoins to $ 50,000 by December.

- said Gatecoin's head of business development in the APAC region, Thomas Glucksmann.

A recent sale on the crypto-currency market came after the prices for tokens showed a huge increase over the year. So, bitcoin grew by almost 1300%, Ethereum - by more than 8000%, and Ripple - by 32 000%.

Despite such impressive figures, some experts believe that this year the growth rates may be even higher. The head of venture company Outlier Ventures, which specializes in investing in blockchain projects, Jamie Burke said:

We believe that, after February, the market is likely to continue bullish growth that is comparable or even higher than last year, possibly reaching $ 1 trillion before the "crypto winter", when cryptomarket becomes more oriented to the fundamental foundations of the market.

According to the head of Hercules Tech, Mick Sherman, these altcoyins can have the largest growth in 2018. At the same time, he warned about the possible emergence of new bubbles.

The revolutionary nature of blockchain technology is what causes the HYIP, and although we and viable block-assets can divide the years, we can see a few more bubbles.

Information Source: CNBC