A Little Boy Wrote A Book About The Bitcoin

A Little Boy Wrote A Book About The Bitcoin

Andrew Courey, a high school student in Massachusetts, recently published a 57-page book about bitcoin.

Andrew conducted his research in the field of cryptocurrency in his spare time from school and sports. Like most sixth graders, Andrew likes to spend time with sports and computer games, but unlike most other 11-year-olds, he is also a real bitcoin expert.

The teenager is the author of the book "Bitcoin gets to an early bird: an exhaustive guide to everything about Bitcoin," which he published for the Amazon Kindle in January. The e-book sells for $2.99, and the recently released paper copy costs $9.99.

The son of a tech investor, Courey loves mathematics and is passionate about mobile applications. The boy often comes up with different business ideas. Andrew was interested in the topic of investment opportunities in the ambitious plan to earn $ 20 million by the age of 14, which would allow him to drop out of school, according to an agreement with his parents. Courey stumbled upon bitcoins and began reading stories and watching videos on YouTube about miners and early investors who earned a fortune on digital currency.

Knowing that his son was looking for "passive income" sources, Jeff Courey, Andrew's father, persuaded him to write and sell a book that would contain all his research in the field of cryptocurrency and in simple words would explain to the audience the complex ideas of Bitcoin and the blockchain.

My book is very easy to read and understand.

- says Andrew.

The book consists of 57 pages and includes chapters dedicated to the history of Bitcoin, bitcoin-wallets, cryptocurrency Ethereum and the original offers of coins.

Courey completes each chapter with an "amusing fact" related to this topic. At the end of the chapter devoted to the mining of bitcoins, he writes that the current energy consumption needed to produce cryptocurrency is estimated to be more than in 159 countries.

Courey also said that it took him about three months to research and write a book whose editorial board was taken over by his parents.

For all the holidays he locked himself in his room and worked.

- said his father, who has been investing in stocks for 16 years and currently works for a firm in Waltham, Massachusetts.

Information Source: CNBC

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