Best Bitcoin Memes in 2018: ‘Hodling’ and Crying

Best Bitcoin Memes in 2018: ‘Hodling’ and Crying

2018 has not been an easy year for bitcoin, not at all. Whereas it left 2017 at the price of $10,000, it started the new year in a pretty bullish manner — at around $17,000. There were many hopes that the «big daddy» would recover to the record of $20,000 but, unfortunately for many, this never happened in the year which is about to end.

Today, on December 31, 2018, we are going to look at the most noticeable price swings of bitcoin in 2018 as well as other coin’s milestones in the best memes. Let’s go!

Bitcoin: Bye, 2018 and Never Come Back

If you look at the year graph, it will be clear to you that since the start of 2018 bitcoin has been following the downward trend. The highest peak BTC climbed to this year was on January 6 — $17,226. The lowest, on the contrary, was fixed on December 16 — $3,233. As of writing, bitcoin is traded at $3,793.

Within a year bitcoin lost around 80% of its price, and, according to experts, there were diverse reasons for it. Among the most common, there was the regulatory scrutiny, in the US in particular, SEC’s red light to bitcoin ETF’s, lack of institutional investment, the dominance of retail investment and speculation. The largest drop in 2018 was noted at the end of the fall when Bitcoin Cash saw a hard fork.

Apart from continuous falling, however, 2018 was also full of positive news. For instance, we learnt that next year Nasdaq is going to launch bitcoin futures. We also found out that Facebook is leaping on blockchain and crypto bandwagon. Such e-commerce and tech giants as Amazon and Microsoft have also confirmed their interest in blockchain in 2018 too.

And while experts ponder on what is awaiting bitcoin ahead, we will reminisce all the events of 2018 in the best bitcoin memes.