Crypto-Supporter Milne Said Bitcoin’s Only Ledger to Last 100 Years

Crypto-Supporter Milne Said Bitcoin’s Only Ledger to Last 100 Years

As bitcoin continues trading approximately 80% lower than in December 2017, it is likely it will match its all-time record of $20,000 again and even surpass it, believes crypto-bull and UK-based investor Alistair Milne. However, the entrepreneur also believes that bitcoin Bitcoin is the only public unaltered ledger which is certain to last for the upcoming century.

Bitcoin The King, As Usual

On January 19 in a Twitter thread entrepreneur Alistair Milne forecasted that the upcoming cyber money bull will decide which DLT will become determinants on the market. The crypto-supporter claimed that the new BTC should overperform its 2017 price records.

The recent statements by Milne are not surprising as he is known for promoting bitcoin in social media. In particular, he wrote this time:

“The probability that Bitcoin matches its ATH [all-time high] price again and doesn't then continue past it seems very low. Each wave of adoption is an order of magnitude bigger than the last.”

The crypto-enthusiast also added that it takes times for the negative sentiment in the bitcoin industry to change, hinting the «big daddy» is not trending towards zilch as many naysayers including Nouriel Roubini preach.

Milne explained that 30-50 million users possessing crypto are not the market’s vertex, so we are yet to see wider adoption. Bitcoin’s profile as «gold 2.0», as well as the rising interest of institutional investors in this ambiguous asset, can support the next round of wider BTC embrace by users.

“The next bull run will decide which public blockchains persist for the next 100 years. I believe Bitcoin is currently the *only* sure thing,” claimed Milne.