BTC Will Cost ‘$1 Million’ – Bitcoin Advocate Casares Tells PayPal CEO

BTC Will Cost ‘$1 Million’ – Bitcoin Advocate Casares Tells PayPal CEO

In an interview with Dan Schulman, PayPal CEO, bitcoin’s early advocate Wences Casares said that this cryptocurrency’s price one day would surpass the margin of $1 million. Casares is a known BTC believer, and such a suggestion may seem quite apparent coming out of his mouth. But it is essential to admit that being an entrepreneur, who set off startups broadwise both North and South Americas, including the BTC wallet Xapo, he is an opinion leader in the niche.

Moreover, Casares is also a part of PayPal’s board. Therefore, he indeed has the power to make people believe in what he advocates for. And, as it is known, various goods are worth as much as people trust in them. Nevertheless, here are the most interesting extracts from the interview, published on Facebook.

Experiment Which Will Either Fail Or Succeed

According to Casares words, he believes that people’s attention has been drawn by blockchain in general and Bitcoin in particular because both of these phenomena look like an appealing experiment to people. The bitcoin believer also emphasized that in case they succeed they are going to transform the world as much as the internet did it.

However, he did not exclude bitcoin’s and blockchain’s chances to suffer a setback, which, in his opinion, are just 20%. Hence, he warned those who plan to pile into cryptos that they should not invest more than they could be fine with losing. It is pretty obvious advice, but not the less relevant.

Better Buy It $14,000?

On the other hand, according to Casares, there is more than 50% of possibility that BTC and blockchain trial-trip will prosper. Albeit, bitcoin enthusiasts and other members of the crypto community should brace for at least five or even ten years of uncertainty before the success comes. But when the success comes, bitcoin is going worth fortunes, Casares said:

“One bitcoin is going to be worth $1 million. So, most of the world is going to wish they had bought it at $14,000 or $20,000.”

But it is not only bitcoin’s price that will wonder people. Casares also believes that the positive outcome of BTC’s experiment will also make a difference in the world as people who cannot afford US dollar and all the costs and bureaucracy that it carries will be able to enjoy bitcoin.

Interestingly, Casares also said that the blockchain itself could neither survive nor exist without bitcoin.