A Coder Becomes Crypto-Millionaire, Buys $200,000-worth Lamborghini for Bitcoin

A Coder Becomes Crypto-Millionaire, Buys $200,000-worth Lamborghini for Bitcoin

There have already been told lots of stories about successful purchases of real estate for bitcoin in the US, but what about luxurious cars like Lamborghini? Yes, such deals have also taken place, commonly among rap and sports celebrities though.

But this time the story is particularly striking as it is about a self-made crypto-millionaire, who outside the world of digital assets outwardly is a modest programmer. And yes, last year autumn he purchased Lamborghini for virtual money.

Crypto-millionaire Who Chases Splendour

Even though for Peter Saddington, aged 35, coding has been the primary occupation, he did not want to rely on his wages. Therefore, at the break of bitcoin’s dawn, he purchased over a thousand of BTC units each worth $2.52. Time passed and, apparently, Saddington became extremely wealthy thanks to bitcoin’s skyrocketing.

In autumn 2017, Saddington made headlines as he purchased a white 2015 Lamborghini Huracan with race lineaments for 45 bitcoins. Just to give you a hint on how rich the programmer has become – in public currency the deluxe vehicle cost him $200,000. Let’s make it clear: Saddington bought the Italian sports car only for 45 bitcoin out of a thousand that he piled into six years ago.

In the interview with CNBC, lucky (or prudent?) Saddington said:

"As a technologist and someone who likes to take risky bets with new technology, I thought it was really intriguing. I took about a month to research it, look back in the code, look back in the white paper."

The Way To Success

The programmer, whose interest in bitcoin developed after he had seen an article about it in Ars Technica, considers himself as a long-term ‘hodler.’ To make the Lamborghini-dream come true, every week since 2011, he would buy a bitcoin. In total, after purchasing more than a thousand of units, Saddington appeared to be a crypto-millionaire. That’s a pretty good story to learn from.