11 Creative Christmas Gifts That You Can Buy for Bitcoin

Creative Christmas Gifts That You Can Buy for Bitcoin

Christmas and New Year holidays are almost here, so it’s quite a time to think about best gifts you can make for your loved ones. Wait, you want to buy them with bitcoin? It could have seemed to you like something from science fiction until you see a pleasant mix of presents ideas below. Enjoy yourself unless you want to give somebody bitcoin as a gift itself.

1. Gift cards

When you are not sure what exactly you'd like to choose for your closest ones, decide to purchase a gift card. eGifter, gift card retailer, offers cards for such giant sellers as Amazon, Dunkin Donuts, Adidas, Domino’s, Target and more. Remarkably, this retailer has been bitcoin-friendly since 2014, so don’t hesitate trying it out. You may also try similar service at CoinCards.ca, which functions uniquely within Canada.

2. Ugly Crypto Sweater

Your friends should have a good sense of humor if you decide to buy them ugly crypto sweaters. You can find them on HodlMoon, which, apparently, accepts payments in cryptocurrency and provides shipping worldwide. Go ahead and check hilarious ugly sweaters with bitcoin, litecoin, and ethereum embroidered on top.

3. Crypto T-shirt

Here is a real crypto T-shirt for a real crypto supporter designed by cryptograffiti, who finds inspiration in blockchain technology and bitcoin in particular.

4. Yaupon Tea

Yaupon tea, also known as black tea, has a reputation of an American forgotten native drink, which nowadays regains its popularity despite the legends which tell that it provokes vomiting. In reality, it is jubilation for all tea drinkers. And most interestingly that today it can be purchased with bitcoin. Lost Pines Yaupon Tea accepts this coin for their exclusively caffeinated light and dark roast tea.

5. Koi Pond Tea Set

In addition to yaupon tea, you may also purchase a fantastic tea set. The New Mexico Tea Company offers you a teapot as well as the collection of six teacups with a 3D painted koi fish at the bottom. By the way, if you are not a friend of yaupon tea, you may search for other kinds of tea on company’s website.

6. Xbox Games

Sure enough, if you are acknowledged for Xbox, you must know that Microsoft is friendly towards bitcoin when it comes to movies, games, and apps. Therefore, don’t hesitate to check out new products on the Windows and Xbox stores.

7. LED Fairy Lights

Another unique gift could be lavish handcrafted string fairy lights. Such a present will not only make your friend or relative happy but also it will enrich the decoration style of their room. Besides bitcoin, Flowerglow, which sells such lights, also accepts for payment dash and ethereum.

8. Designed pins

Your friends go crazy when they hear something like Adventure Time? Or maybe your mom and daddy reminisce happy childhood when they played Super Mario? Then, this option might be pretty appealing to you. Etsy store Instant Pinner Designs prepared cool pins featuring your favorite characters from multiple comics and cartoons.

9. Lokai Bracelets

This gift is incredible for several reasons. Firstly, Lokai is a brand which gives to charity 10% of their profits. By the way, it’s you who decides to which nonprofit organization your share will go to. Secondly, Lokai’s bracelets are just cool. Thirdly, and finally, you can buy such bracelets using bitcoin, both online and in-store.

10. Old School Comics

Open Bazaar is the online marketplace where you can purchase things only with bitcoin. You are free to choose clothing, jewelry, games, and, most excitingly, there is a wide range of comics from Swamp Thing to Captain America. Obviously, transactions are peer to peer, so they will receive 100% of what you send.

11. Anything else : )

Overstock.com may offer you a wide range of gifts, including special presents for kids and even electronic items. Keep in mind that here you can buy whatever you want with bitcoin as long as Overstock has been friendly to digital coins for the past three years.

Images Sources: hodlmoon.com, New Mexico Tea Company, Reeds Jewelers.